With the recent passing of Solomon Burke, we take comfort in looking back on two amazing Festivals with the Legendary King of Rock & Soul, including Bumbershoot 2010.

Those who were lucky enough to see Solomon close the Starbucks Stage on Saturday night were treated to an amazing performance with tremendous bravado and showmanship. As was typical at a Solomon Burke performance, The King would perform without a setlist, relying mainly on fan requests from his catalog - spanning over five decades, thirty albums, and countless singles.

A friend to many, Solomon was a frequent collaborator with some of the industry’s most well-known including Elvis Costello, Dan Penn, Nick Lowe, and Tom Waits. At Bumbershoot 2003, Solomon joined Macy Gray at the Bumbershoot Mainstage, as well as performing a set of his own.

Solomon Burke passed on Sunday, October 10, 2010 of natural causes. For more, read our Insider Look: Solomon Burke from September 3.

ASICS was hanging out at Bumbershoot all weekend, parked in the shadow of the Space Needle with the world’s largest Lite-Brite (certified by Guinness). They were also making their way through the grounds, hooking up Bumbershoot-goers with free ASICS wristbands.

Along the way, they capture a lot of the flair, food, and fun of Bumbershoot. Who knows, you may even make a guest appearance. Take a look.

Bradford Cox, a.k.a. Atlas Sound, made the Broad Street Stage his own during his set at Bumbershoot. Check out his innovative solo performance of “Walkabout” in this video, courtesy of pinkandbrown.

In addition to their set at the EMP Sky Church, Fences also performed an intimate show at the Bumbershoot Music Lounge earlier in the day. In this clip, you can watch them play “My Girl The Horse,” a track off of Fences’ self-titled debut album. The studio version of the song features Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara, who also produced the album. You can pre-order it now, or pick it up when it’s released on September 28.

Thanks to pinkandbrown for the video!

Watch this clip of Hey Marseilles' Bumbershoot performance of “Rio,” the first single off of their recently re-released debut album, To Travels & Trunks. The seven-piece band enchanted the audience at the Broad Street Stage in between fellow Seattleites Unnatural Helpers and David Bazan.

Thanks to pinkandbrown for the video!

Before Bob Schneider performed on the Starbucks Stage on the first day of Bumbershoot, he took some time to chat with The Marty Riemer Show backstage at the Festival.

Bob talks with Marty and Jodi about what makes Austin and Nashville different, how he wound up living in Germany for 16 years, and whether or not the military has a need for opera singers. He and Marty also bond over speaking German, while Jodi is left bewildered. Then, the whole conversation takes a ridiculously politically incorrect turn that can’t really be described.

If you love Marty Riemer as much as we do here at Bumbershoot, vote for him in the Best Local Radio Personality category of KING 5’s Best of Western Washington contest!

The Bumbershoot Music Lounge is a unique opportunity for fans to see their favorite bands in a more intimate setting at the Festival. If you didn’t get a chance to catch any of the shows this year, check out this video playlist (courtesy of KEXP) to see some of what you missed.

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Check out The Marty Riemer Show's backstage interview with Leonard and Curtis Hammond of Wheedle’s Groove, recorded Saturday at Bumbershoot, which also happened to be “Wheedle’s Groove Day” in Seattle, as proclaimed by Mayor McGinn.

Leonard and Curtis fill Marty and Jodi in on the history of Wheedle’s Groove, the impact disco had on the rising Seattle soul and funk scene in the 60’s and 70’s, and the new vibe that comes with playing together as a collective. They also talk about Kenny G, the one member of the original movement to hit the big time.

If you love Marty Riemer as much as we do here at Bumbershoot, vote for him in the Best Local Radio Personality category of KING 5’s Best of Western Washington contest!

Check out Horse Feathers' live performance on the Starbucks Stage at Bumbershoot, courtesy of pinkandbrown. In this clip, Justin Ringle and company play “Belly of June,” one of the singles off of their third album, 2010’s Thistled Spring.

The Marty Riemer Show sat down with Star Anna and her guitarist Justin Davis (one of the Laughing Dogs) right before they performed on Bumbershoot’s Starbucks Stage for a huge crowd.

Star Anna tells Marty and Jodi what annoys her most about Justin, how they coordinated having musical icons Mike McCready and Carrie Akre join them onstage at the Festival, and where they live now that they’ve moved to Seattle. The duo also give some updates on recording the new Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs album.

Check out the band rocking out onstage with Mike McCready at Bumbershoot on Saturday here.

If you love Marty Riemer as much as we do here at Bumbershoot, vote for him in the Best Local Radio Personality category of KING 5’s Best of Western Washington contest!

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