With the recent passing of Solomon Burke, we take comfort in looking back on two amazing Festivals with the Legendary King of Rock & Soul, including Bumbershoot 2010.

Those who were lucky enough to see Solomon close the Starbucks Stage on Saturday night were treated to an amazing performance with tremendous bravado and showmanship. As was typical at a Solomon Burke performance, The King would perform without a setlist, relying mainly on fan requests from his catalog - spanning over five decades, thirty albums, and countless singles.

A friend to many, Solomon was a frequent collaborator with some of the industry’s most well-known including Elvis Costello, Dan Penn, Nick Lowe, and Tom Waits. At Bumbershoot 2003, Solomon joined Macy Gray at the Bumbershoot Mainstage, as well as performing a set of his own.

Solomon Burke passed on Sunday, October 10, 2010 of natural causes. For more, read our Insider Look: Solomon Burke from September 3.

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