Russell ‘Rusty’ Hopkinson’s favourite festival memory is a recent one, “It was a blast,” the You Am I drummer recalls of the band’s performance at Bumbershoot in Seattle last year. “We had a great show and saw lots of good stuff like Charles Bradley, Thee Oh Sees and The Jim Jones Revue. The night ended with us, my lovely wife Boonge and a bunch of mates drunk as skunks, dancing to Hall & Oates.”
— While Australia’s You Am I is still thinking about Bumbershoot 2011, we’re already thinking about Bumbershoot 2013, with a too-good-to-be-true (but it IS TRUE) 40% off Cyber Monday deal. (Use code NOFEESALE for an additional savings!)


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They’ve got guts and heart! Check out the article from Rolling Stone and discover the rough and tumble Rock ‘n’ Roll of You Am I.

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