During Weezer's Sunday night set at Bumbershoot's Mainstage, frontman Rivers Cuomo decided to go rogue. He ran through the crowd and climbed on top of a Porta-Potty at the end of “My Name Is Jonas,” (just before the start of this video).

He continued climbing all over the place “Beverly Hills,” including a stack of plywood, to a dumpster, and up on top of a container just besides the amped up crowd - check it out in this video.

Thanks to amosays for the link!

Weezer’s “Buddy Holly,” directed by the venerable Spike Jonze, was just named as Pitchfork’s #2 video of the ’90s. The classic Happy Days-inspired clip from the band’s first album paved the way for a long career of inventive videos and hit songs.

Weezer’s 8th studio album Hurley arrives September 14th, but I’ll be they’ll be playing plenty of new songs from the record at Bumbershoot. Be there Sunday the 5th to hear for yourself.

Brian Bell of Weezer caught up with AEG Live to talk about the inspiration behind the band’s new album title (Hurley), their move from Interscope to Epitaph, his favorite songs on the record, and the possibility of a Pinkerton-specific tour in support of the album’s reissue!

Get your Standard Ticket now to see Weezer on the Mainstage at Bumbershoot (possibly gearing up for their Pinkerton reunion tour!) on Sunday, September 5 with Rise Against and Hole.


Weezer - Represent the unofficial U.S. Soccer anthem.

Rivers Cuomo looooves soccer. And how can you not, with this World Cup team? 

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