We are getting really excited for “Sandbox of Life”, the rest of Interstitial Theatre, and all the fine visual arts exhibits we’ll host this year.

12 Days of Bumbershoot with the BCC.

Saturday highlights


Gearing up for #bumbershoot - come see us!


Gearing up for #bumbershoot - come see us!


Bumbershoot installation complete!

Come see this in person!

Magic Sync, an interactive visual art/music mashup, is coming to Bumbershoot. This should be fun.

Remember when we said this Jonathan Schipper piece would be coming to Bumbershoot? Well, we were wrong. But the fragile beauty of “Measuring Angst” will be!

Come to Bumbershoot 2013 and watch this room change over the course of 3 days.

All of these things and more will be at Bumbershoot 2013. You can get excited now.

We’re still at it. Only two days until Bumbershoot.

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