Interview with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis



On the last day of the Sasquatch! Music Festival, I had to opportunity to sit down with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, a hip-hop duo originating from Seattle. The following is an excerpt form our conversation.

Neil: So a lot of what you guys do is really centralized on the Northwest. Could you just speak a little bit about what it’s been like cultivating a fan base really strongly in the Northwest?

Macklemore: Um, I mean, for me, I grew up here. Here being Seattle, Washington. I’m extremely proud of our community and our city, and I watched a lot of people for a long time make records and look at different regions, like “Oh man, if we were just in Atlanta, or New York, or L.A. we’d be on, or whatever.” And I watched what the Blue Scholars did in Seattle, and what, you know, cultivating a fan base here, because they made music about here, and i watched that, and i was always doing that myself, but I watched that be successful, so I think that, I wanna put on for our city, and expose the world to how dope the music is, and how dope the scene is, and the best way to do that is to be honest and speak the truth about where we’re from, and that’s why I make songs about Seattle.

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After local award-winning Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus passed away in November of last year, Seattle was left grieving the loss of a legend. Local artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis made their own tribute to their favorite sports announcer, entitled “My Oh My.” The song received widespread attention from fans and news sources around the Seattle area. Because the song so perfectly personified Niehaus’ character and the memories surrounding the announcement, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were asked to open the 2011 Mariners’ season by performing their tribute live. Watch their live performance of the song on KEXP and be sure to catch them at Bumbershoot 2011!

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