Cookie Monster parodies Icona Pop’s “I Love It” with a message of self-control in the face of delicious cookies.



This is All Night and, on first listen, it seems to pick up where I Love It left off. Way catchy. CS

Women are strong when they work together. I think we can empower a lot of guys as well. You have to throw yourself out there. Any road you choose will be bumpy. To believe in yourself and to be proud of yourself and your work is important. We’re both dreamers—we have huge dreams. I think you’re truly able to do whatever you want.
Caroline Hjelt of Icona Pop on what a positive outlook means for the band. Read more on the duo in our exclusive article, Icona Pop: Contrast And Conquer. (via filtermagazine)


Icona Pop are performing on the show tonight!

And don’t miss Icona Pop AND Charli XCX at Bumbershoot this year.

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