Don’t let the bad ’70s suits nor the disco hair fool you (or just the album cover in general), this ain’t no Defranco Family nor The Osmonds. These two brothers, Donnie & Joe Emerson, 17 and 19 respectively, recorded all their songs in the studio that their father built for them on their farm in Washington, all written by Donnie, the younger. But the thousand+ vinyl copies oddly remained buried in boxes in the basement for decades, and so the two were never discovered and remained completely unknown… until recently. As a result, these two are now getting the recognition and praise they deserve, from critics and aficionados alike. 


The story behind Donnie & Joe Emerson’s 1977 lost classic album, Dreamin’ Wild. If you’ve never heard of these guys, check out their spooky lost love song “Baby" or the 2012 cover of "Baby" by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.


This is no one-tracker — the entire album is remarkably diverse and listenable — but the ballad “Baby” rises above the rest. Maybe it’s the buttery background croons, maybe it’s the earnest simplicity of the lyrics — more mumbled than sung at times — but “Baby” has an almost atmospheric grace to it despite also sounding like the exact kind of song a pair of teenage boys might riff on in their living room studio, visions of rock stardom dancing beneath their feathered hair. In 2008, record blogger Jack Fleischer came across a copy of Dreamin’ Wild in Missoula, Montana, took it home and wrote about it. Within months, it became a cult hit amongst other collectors, and the Emersons suddenly began fielding queries from around the country for original copies of the LP. This month, the L.A.-based reissue label, Light in the Attic, re-released the album for mass consumption. It took 30 years but the Emerson brothers finally have their hit record.

Donnie & Joe Emerson - “Big Money”


Donnie & Joe Emerson - “Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81” is OUT NOW! Recorded in the same home studio, on the farm, as their debut “Dreamin’ Wild”, this collection of previously unreleased songs is chock-full of dreamy eyed bedroom pop!

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We are excited to announce our upcoming release of Donnie & Joe Emerson - Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81, a collection of previously unreleased songs recorded in the same home studio, on the farm, as their debut Dreamin’ Wild. Pre-order now for BABY BLUE wax, limited to 500!!

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