In the first installment in a series of video interviews from Bumbershoot, The Marty Riemer Show's Marty and Jodi go backstage at the Starbucks Stage to interview Billy Bragg.

Marty gets Billy to share his thoughts on Bob Dylan, American politics, the Internet, and more. He also tells a great story about how impersonating a repairman got him a record deal.

If you love Marty Riemer as much as we do here at Bumbershoot, vote for him in the Best Local Radio Personality category of KING 5’s Best of Western Washington contest!

The Voice Project is an innovative campaign in which musicians cover one another’s songs in a chain, posting the videos online. The money made through the website is then used to promote peace in northern Uganda. Recently, Billy Bragg joined the movement after Mike Mills from REM covered one of his songs. Check out Billy covering Joanna Newsom’s “On A Good Day,” and visit The Voice Project for more details.

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