This is Bomba Estéreo performing on the streets of Bogota, Colombia in 2011. I love this band. They’re brilliant and put on an incredible live show. I actually wanted to die the first time I heard them. It felt like I had missed an imaginary opportunity and someone else beat me at making the music I wanted to make, the way I wanted to make it. But obviously, who was I kidding. No. Nope. Dreams are just dreams and Liliana Saumet is real af. I saw Bomba Estéreo in 2009 when they were promoting their second album, Estalla (U.S. release title Blow Up), and hadn’t heard anything off Elegancia Tropical (2012) until earlier this year.

The video features "Raza" off of Estalla and “El Alma Y El Cuerpo” from their second album. I translated most of “El Alma Y El Cuerpo” (3:57) below.

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