I first experienced Bumbershoot in my 20’s and it was everything I needed an arts festival to be: a chance to experience the newest up & coming band, to connect with seasoned veterans, and everything in between - all on MY terms, with MY people. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to fully appreciate a deeper meaning of Bumbershoot, particularly as I’ve taken my kids to the festival.

To paraphrase a quote from the late, great D. Boone: Bumbershoot provides a forum for me to experience the beauty of life through the arts, and allows me to not only teach my kids through it, but to ensure that my kids can teach their kids, too.

My all-time favorite Bumbershoot memory so far is what my then five year old said to me while we were wandering through the crowd: “I don’t like being my height because all the adult butts are in my face.”

Priceless. Just like all my Bumbershoot memories. Just like my kids.

Susie Tennant, PR and Marketing Director, Town Hall Seattle

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