BumberDiaries - Kris Orlowski

Check out this great BumberDiaries entry from Northwest artist Kris Orlowski.

In 1986 I witnessed my first Bumbershoot. I was very young then and remember the excitement and awe at all of the spectacles I saw at such a young, vulnerable age. I was pretty animated and my parents recounted how enamored I was by the circus-inspired woman on stilts, dressed like a willowy fairy, or how I stood captivated by the drum circle that filled the air with thunderous sounds that vibrated in my four-year-old chest. Man, I loved drums. Bumbershoot made quite an impression. Even after moving down to Seattle from my hometown of Bellingham (born and raised!) six years ago, that sense of excitement and awe never really left. As a local, I had ALWAYS hoped one day to play the festival. I remember seeing the Lonely Forest in the EMP Sky Church and thinking to myself “If I ever got to play Bumbershoot on this stage, it would be a dream come true”. Thanks to Bumbershoot, one dream will be realized - although I’ll be upstairs at EMP’s Level 3. I know my Seattle friends and supporters will be out in droves. I hope that Bellingham comes out in full force.
-Kris Orlowski

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